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The HUB International Management Team

For us, insurance is more than just a business - it's our calling.

Meet the Team

Marty Hughes
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Martin P. Hughes, HUB International Chairman of the Board of Directors, has served in this capacity since December 1999.
Rick Gulliver
Vice Chairman

Rick oversees HUB's mergers and acquisitions activity in addition to serving on the Executive Management Team.

Marc Cohen
President and CEO

Marc Cohen serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of HUB International. He is also a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management Team for the company.

Lawrence Lineker
Executive Vice President
Lawrence (Larry) J. Lineker is the Executive Vice President and has served on the Executive Management Team since 2004.
Joseph Hyde
Chief Financial Officer

Joseph C. Hyde, Chief Financial Officer of HUB International, serves on the Executive Management Team. He brings an extensive financial and management background to the organization.

John Albright
Chief Legal Officer

John Albright is HUB International’s Chief Legal Officer and a member of the Executive Management Team.

Trey Biggs
Chief Sales Officer
President, US West

Trey Biggs serves as HUB’s Chief Sales Officer and President, US West.

Chris Trenor
HUB President of Programs & Specialties
Chris Treanor is the HUB President of Programs & Specialties.
Amber Kennelly
Chief Human Resources Officer
Amber Kennelly is the Chief Human Resources Officer for HUB International, leading the strategy and delivery of core human resources functions across the company. Amber serves on HUB’s Executive Management Team.
Chad Robertson
Executive Vice President, International Business and Growth Initiatives
Chad Robertson is a member of the Executive Management Team, serving as Executive Vice President of International Business and Growth Initiatives.
Tina Osen
President, HUB International Canada

Tina Osen is President of HUB International Canada, the largest insurance broker in the country.

John McGrath
Regional President, Pacific

Jack McGrath serves as President of HUB International’s Pacific region, and is a member of the company’s Executive Management Team. His responsibilities also include oversight of the Employee Benefits and Retirement and Private Wealth operations.

Neil Hughes
Regional President, Central
Neil Hughes serves as President of HUB International’s US Central Region, covering the Midwest West, Midwest East, Texas and Colorado.
Charles Brophy
Regional President, East
President and CEO, HUB New England

Charles Brophy is the President and CEO of HUB International New England, LLC in Wilmington, Massachusetts. He is also the U.S. East Regional President of HUB International, LLC.

Michael Chapman
Regional President, South
Mike Chapman is President of HUB’s south region, responsible for overall leadership of the region. He also serves on the Executive Management Team (EMT) of Hub International, as well as being a member of the Steering and Operations committees.
Grace Van Til
Executive Vice President, Technology and Operations

As Executive Vice President, Grace van Til oversees HUB’s Technology and Operations and serves as a member of the Executive Management Team.