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Professional Liability Insurance

Let’s keep your credibility and your reputation intact.

Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance ensures you focus on giving advice instead of defending it

Your success depends on your customers’ and vendors’ trust in the services, advice or counsel you provide. Allegations of misrepresentation, breach of contract or wrongful business practices can destroy your business. It can happen more easily than you might think—a customer claims that something you’ve done has cost them money or caused them harm—and they sue.

If, at any time in the course of your work, you offer professional services, make recommendations, provide solutions to or otherwise represent the interests of your customers, you’re assuming a professional liability and should be covered with professional liability insurance. And it’s not just your actions that you need to worry about. If you use third-party vendors in the course of your work, you’re also liable for their acts, errors and omissions.

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More detail

General liability insurance rarely covers the damage that follows from a professional liability insurance claim. And a well-written contract that includes the right limitation-of-liability wording is a good start, but it’s no substitute for professional liability insurance. Whether a claim has merit or not, any contract can be challenged.

Professional liability insurance covers the cost of:

  • Experts to guide you through the investigation, negotiation and litigation processes
  • Legal fees incurred in defending yourself and your business
  • Settlements and judgments against your business

Broker Insight

"Traditional professions can't survive without proper professional liability insurance. No one is immune from litigation today. It can mean exposure that people don't even realize."                

- Jeff Van Gulick                                              

Executive Vice President, HUB International

Fast and Effective Ways to Reduce Your Professional Liability Exposure

The math makes simple business sense: It costs much less to prevent professional liability insurance claims than it does to defend them. Commit to these best practices to reduce your professional liability exposure. 

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