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Professional Liability Insurance

Let’s keep your credibility and your reputation intact.

Professional Liability

Your success depends on your customers’ and vendors’ trust in the services, advice or counsel you provide. Allegations of misrepresentation, breach of contract or wrongful business practices can destroy your business. It can happen more easily than you might think—a customer claims that something you’ve done has cost them money or caused them harm—and they sue.

If, at any time in the course of your work, you offer professional services, make recommendations, provide solutions to or otherwise represent the interests of your customers, you’re assuming a professional liability and should be covered with professional liability insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance protects businesses against charges of negligence or harm, based on a professional service or advice you provided. Otherwise known as Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance covers defense costs, judgment, settlements and fines or penalties resulting from the allegations of misrepresentation, breach of professional services, wrongful business practices, misleading advice and conflict of interest.

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While you’re an expert at what you do and you’d never knowingly make a mistake, there’s a chance that the advice you offer or the action you take on behalf of a client, could go sour. Should you be held responsible, you’ll need Professional Liability Insurance. Any business – small or large – that provides customers with professional services or advice must safeguard their actions with Professional Liability Insurance.

Did You Know

A general liability policy doesn’t cover your professional exposures, only personal and bodily injury and property damage.

Fast and Effective Ways to Reduce Your Professional Liability Exposure

The math makes simple business sense: It costs much less to prevent professional liability insurance claims than it does to defend them. Commit to these best practices to reduce your professional liability exposure. 

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