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High Net Worth Insurance Services

Let’s build an insurance portfolio that protects your personal and professional assets.

High Net Worth Insurance

When your professional and private interests intersect

When your business, professional and private interests expand, your risks increase. And as those interests also start to overlap, the stakes become even higher. Suddenly, you’re dealing with complex issues that require the assistance of seasoned experts.

Work with the HUB Private Client Advisor (PCA) group to identify, assess and manage the unique set of risks that come with a high net worth. We’re highly trained, experienced insurance professionals who specialize in providing expert guidance and customized risk management solutions to high net worth individuals — directly, and through family offices and personal business managers.

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More detail

HUB provides the specialized expertise in insurance and risk management that high net worth clients demand, including:

  • Homeowner’s Insurance – Coverage for high value homes, multiple properties and coastal properties
  • Personal Excess Liability – Financial protection against claims for bodily injury, personal injury or property damage
  • Valuable Articles – Coverage that takes into account market fluctuations that may affect the protection required for valuable articles
  • Domestic Staffing – Meeting your obligations as an employer of domestic staff, and risks assessments related to employment practices and workers’ compensation
  • Auto Insurance – The full range of solutions for automobiles including antique, collector and recreational vehicles, as well as motorcycles and motor homes
  • Watercraft Insurance – Comprehensive coverage for all types and sizes of watercraft, and the risks associated with their operation, including mega-yachts, paid crew vessels, live-aboard vessels, high-performance boats and wooden hulls
  • Professional Liability – Protection for management of the family office

We work with you to assess your risks.

HUB Risk Services provides security risk management and crisis management expertise to high net worth insurance clients and family offices services, including:

Security Risk Services

  • Protective intelligence
  • Travel briefings
  • Personal security awareness training
  • Background checks
  • Specialized identity theft protection
  • Assistance with coordinating security services
  • Investigative services

Risk Assessment Services

  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Cyber activity risk assessment
  • Cyber security assessment
  • Online reputation assessment
  • Property risk assessment
  • Property security assessment
  • Employee personality/suitability assessments
  • Electronic countermeasures (ECM) assessment

Crisis Response Services

  • Crisis counseling
  • Threat of violence consultation
  • Kidnap, ransom/extortion response services
  • International evacuation planning and response coordination
  • Disaster planning and response coordination

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Keep it under lock and key

High net worth individuals face unique risks when it comes to cyber crime. Learn how to minimize the threat and the impact of an attack on your digital identity.