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Equine Insurance

Let’s take care of your horses — and your financial investment in them.

Solutions for your hobby or business

Whether you’re a personal owner or running a commercial operation, your horses are a source of pride and pleasure. But along with the special buildings and equipment they require, they are also valuable assets that you want to protect. And you need to be prepared for liabilities that could arise.

You can address those worries with an equine insurance solution that meets your unique circumstances.

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Coverage that meets your needs

With a 25-year track record in providing equine insurance programs, we can help you with solutions for:

  • Equestrian Centers/Farms — Tailored packages combine property coverages for buildings, tack, farm personal property, machinery, hay and other related items, and liability coverages for boarding, breeding, training, sales, clinics and shows.  
  • Commercial Equine Liability — Liability coverages are available for boarding, breeding, training, racing, and teaching exposures. Any clinics or shows that are held are also covered, with prior notice given to the insurer.
  • Personal Horse Owner Liability — We can help protect liability exposures with a $1-2 million aggregate limit.
  • Animal Mortality — Full mortality coverage is available with options for surgical and major medical expenses, agreed value and loss of use. We also offer limited perils and European coverage.
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