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Employee Health and Performance

Let’s promote a healthy workforce, because a healthy workforce is a high-performing workforce.

Build a program that will motivate your employees

More and more employers are realizing the benefits of making employee health a priority. When your employees make healthy lifestyle changes, they’re also making a healthy change in their productivity — and your business. A simple grassroots campaign will get your employees engaged and lay the foundation for an organization-wide culture of health. And the best part is, encouraging these changes doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

To design a health and performance program that your employees will embrace, our health and performance specialists will collaborate with you to create a more comprehensive population health management effort with a four-step process:

  • Assess the unique needs of your workforce
  • Provide strategic guidance and design a program that supports your business goals
  • Present the health and performance initiatives that will generate quick results
  • Help you roll those initiatives out to your employees 
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2018 Workplace Wellness Trends

Find out what forces are affecting the health and productivity of your workforce. Take an interactive look at the latest data and get actionable insights on how to respond.
  • What does it take to create a culture of health?

    Organizations that base their programs on the three fundamentals – data, communications, and a company-wide commitment from the C-suite outward – are creating a culture of health that fuels growth and success.

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    Use data to shape and measure your program.
  • Use data to shape and measure your program.

    Use your data – population demographics, claims data, and employee performance metrics – to establish benchmarks and goals for your health and performance program. Measure the year-over-year progress toward those goals, in terms of employee health and business performance.

    Use communications to drive participation.
  • Use communications to drive participation.

    Support your health and performance program with targeted communications to educate and inform your employees of the benefits and rewards available to them. Communicate and celebrate employee health and lifestyle achievements to encourage higher employee participation rates.

    Make a commitment to the long-term.
  • Make a commitment to the long-term.

    Employee health and happiness can’t be improved with a quick fix. Make the long-term commitment to a continuing health and performance program with the demonstrated support of management to generate lasting, bottom-line benefits.

    Do well with well-being.
  • Do well with well-being.

    Get a deeper understanding of how you can maximize employee engagement and business performance. Contact your HUB specialist today.

Sitting is the New Smoking

The average person sits 8 hours a day, and there's a cost to both the employer and the employee

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