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Voluntary Benefits

Let’s design a voluntary benefits program that your employees will embrace.

Voluntary Benefits

Make a good benefits plan great

You’re working hard to manage rising health care costs, and that means making some difficult choices. At the same time, high-deductible health plans and higher out-of-pocket costs are creating coverage gaps for many of your employees. And like anyone, those employees want to feel understood and appreciated — something you can’t achieve with a one-size-fits-all benefits plan.

A customized voluntary benefits program will give employees in your increasingly diverse and multi-generational workforce the choices they want, while closing the gaps in their employer-sponsored coverage. By making a good benefits plan great, you can:

Strike the perfect balance for your organization and employees, and do it without affecting your bottom line.

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More detail

Give your employees personalized benefits

When you partner with a HUB broker to identify your needs and select the options that work best for you, you end up with a tailored voluntary benefits program that includes:

  • Customized rollout
    Employees can be overwhelmed by too many changes and too many options. By prioritizing the rollout of your plan options, you make it easier for your employees to evaluate their choices.
  • Tailored communications
    Good communication is essential to a successful open enrollment. Whether your employees prefer high-tech or high-touch, a good communications plan will help them understand their options and make fully informed decisions.
  • Managed enrollment
    You don’t have to manage the enrollment process, because we’ll do it for you—from start to finish. Your voluntary benefits will be fully-integrated with your core benefits plan to ensure maximum value and participation.

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A Voluntary Benefits Program Won’t Make a Difference (Unless You Do It Right)

Getting your voluntary benefits program right is crucial to attracting top talent, increasing employee satisfaction and reducing plan costs and administrative burden. Find out how you’re doing.

of employees say that having the ability to customize their benefits would increase their loyalty to their current employer.*

Most employers offer voluntary benefits but many of these programs don’t meet employees’ needs or achieve business goals. Avoid the 9 common mistakes that could be limiting the effectiveness of your voluntary benefits program.

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* MetLife’s 15th Annual Employee Benefits Trends Study Finds, 2017

7 Steps to a Voluntary Benefits Plan That Really Works

How do you make a good plan great? Start by getting practical guidance on how to launch a successful, stress-free voluntary benefits program.

Give your employees real choices

You can offer your employees real, meaningful choices to meet their lifestyles needs - everything from life insurance with long-term care, to accident and disability insurance, financial planning and wellness and even pet insurance.

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