High Cost Drug Claims

Creating a Compliant and Compassionate Response to High Cost Drug Claims

The ‘miracle’ cures brought about through new developments in gene therapy and specialty drugs are changing lives – but their high costs are also putting a huge financial burden on corporate health plans. No one can be blamed for asking, “Do we have to cover these costs?” but here’s what sponsors of self-funded plans need to know before making any exclusions.

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7 indicators that your organization is ready to move to self-insured health plans

Self-insured health plans have become an increasingly attractive healthcare cost management option for organizations of all sizes. They allow organizations to better manage benefits costs while offering employees a plan that best suits their needs.

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RBP Case Study Main Image

Case Study: How HUB Clients Scored Big Healthcare Savings with Reference Based Pricing

Reference-based pricing (RBP) is a major disruptor to a 50-year system of provider payments and is a game-changing strategy for employers who are struggling to control rising healthcare costs.

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