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Cover Image Quala Case Study

Quala Employee Benefits Case Study

Cover Image Quala Case Study

Over the last decade, steady growth fueled by a number of acquisitions helped Quala, the largest provider of tank cleaning services in the U.S., expand its geographic footprint to 63 service locations in 25 states. As the company grew so did its need to manage benefits costs and maintain employee satisfaction. Quala knew they needed to revisit their offerings and make some needed changes. But their geographic expansion led to yet another obstacle for the company -- the ability to communicate a potentially new benefits package with their predominantly blue collar workforce operating in three shifts over a 24-hour period.

Read the employee benefits case study to learn how HUB International examined Quala’s total approach to employee benefits, with an eye on cost management, reviewed their current voluntary benefits offerings and, most importantly, engaged their employees to be more involved and educated in their benefit choices.


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