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Providing aggregated solutions, tailored services and support for charter schools since 2006

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Charter organizations face growing budget challenges

• Flat or decreasing pupil revenue
• Unexpected liabilities
• Rising salaries
• Rising health insurance cost

Introducing HUB Charter

HUB International’s specialty practice of insurance experts focused exclusively on charter schools.

Obtain additional budget funding by allowing HUB Charter to help your school address the above challenges. Check out some of the links below to learn more about available aggregated insurance solutions and the support platform available for charter schools!

2018 National CMO Health Insurance Benefits Survey

Rising health benefit costs are eroding total teacher compensation and forcing cuts in mission-critical areas at charter schools across the country. Those are the findings from a 2018 survey of CMO decision-makers conducted by charter school group purchasing group, BuyQ, with input from HUB. The report, Condition Critical, sheds light not only on the factors shaping CMO decisions around employee health benefits, but also on a pathway forward, with steps CMOs can take today to more effectively manage this vital area of their operations.

HUB Charter School Practice

60 percent of CMO respondents have had to limit investments in mission critical areas due to increases in the cost of health insurance benefits.

HUB Charter School Practice

23 CMO representing 15,500 employees responded

HUB Charter School Practice

7 out of 10 respondents agree that better management of their CMO’s health insurance benefits program could result in cost savings.