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Business Interruption Insurance

Let’s ensure your business survives when business is disrupted.

business interruption insurance

A building can be replaced. What about your profits?

Property, auto and other forms of commercial insurance will cover the cost to rebuild or replace damaged property — but not the losses that can occur while your business is disrupted. Business Interruption insurance covers net profit, ongoing expenses and even extraordinary expenses for a prescribed period of time during which business is disrupted by natural disasters, terrorism, employee fatality and even executive kidnapping.

Business Interruption Insurance coverage is an essential enhancement to many of the other policies that will protect you while normal business activities are disrupted.

Business Interruption Insurance protects you from the financial losses associated with a disruption to your business. When your business suffers a covered loss, Business Interruption Insurance will reimburse you for the revenue you would have earned had your business continued uninterrupted as well as associated, ongoing and extra expenses related to your business disruption.  


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Who needs Business Interruption Insurance? 

Business as usual can be disrupted for any number of reasons. From natural disasters like a fire or hurricane to equipment breakdown, local civil unrest, vandalism, loss of key personnel or a cyber breach, a Business Interruption Insurance policy will replace your loss of income or profits until you’re back up and running again.

Business Interruption Insurance policies are especially important for companies with multiple locations, and those located in hurricane, earthquake, tornado-prone areas and more. 


40% of businesses
that close following a disaster never open again -- and another 25% fail within one year.1 More than 90% of businesses struck by a disaster fail within two years.2 
 [1]Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
 [2] U.S. Small Business Administration. 

Contingent Business Interruption

Contingent Business Interruption Insurance helps minimize the financial loss of a supply chain disruption that prevents you from producing your products or delivering your services as usual. An extension to your Business Interruption Insurance policy, Contingent Business Interruption Insurance covers lost profits and expenses incurred when a vendor or supplier experiences an interruption to their business that affects your ability to do business. 

Complete Your Business Insurance Puzzle

Business Interruption Insurance covers losses you endure during a disruption to normal business operations. Some of these include:

Inventory loss, relocation or recovery expenses, loss of net profits during the prescribed period, additional operating costs incurred during the period of recovery, and extra expenses incurred during the period of restoration.

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