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High-Risk Live Event Insurance

Let’s make sure the only risks you take are the ones that thrill your audiences.

Spectacle and safety — your two biggest concerns

The thrill and excitement of a high-risk live event can be an amazing experience for audiences. But behind the scenes, these shows are naturally a cause for worry. If you’re responsible for bringing to life such an event, you want to be sure that you’re not risking the lives of your performers — or audiences.

From large-scale experiential spectacles like motorsport events, to obstacle courses and other participant-driven activities, a high-risk live event insurance solution, combined with access to expert risk advisory services, is essential to putting on a safe and spectacular public show.

More detail

Capabilities and advice you can count on

Insuring a live event, where the possibility of injury to spectators is unusually high, requires special expertise. There are unique risks and nuances in live event insurance coverage that only a qualified entertainment specialist understands and knows how to implement.

You can talk to us about concerns such as:

  • Venue damage
  • Equipment and construction risks
  • Defining areas of responsibility between parties
  • Contractual obligations
  • Public safety
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