HUB Risk Management Information System (RMIS) is a powerful tool that can assist Motion Picture and Television Production clients with enterprise wide risk management activities. From pre-production, principle photography to post-production there is a multitude of information that needs to be tracked, reports maintained and claims managed. HUB RMIS can be the most efficient tool to streamline all procedures that make up a successful production from beginning to end. 

Production Company Management Tools ƒ

  • Production and location record management.
  • ƒSimplified production application process. ƒ
  • Options to specify production and genre. ƒ
  • Record and link crewmembers, contractors, cast members and participants with production records. ƒ
  • Dashboard views for OSHA documentation, production types, certificates of insurance, claims, policies and exposure. ƒ
  • Certificates of insurance, policies, endorsements, exclusions, contracts, pictures and video attachments at any production level. ƒ
  • Mobile app claims reporting and claims management.

Production Detail ƒ

  • Create a customized portal to collect certificates of insurance, production applications, incidents, policies and questionnaires. ƒ
  • Manage location specific risks such as severe weather, political risk or civil unrest. ƒ
  • Manage key production contact information and crew lists. ƒ
  • Maintain key date periods (pre-production, principal photography, wrap, post production). ƒ
  • Track scenes involving stunts, pyrotechnics, watercraft, aircraft, railroad or animals. ƒ
  • Track cast coverage (accident only, receipt and approval of medical, exclusions or restrictions, full cast coverage). ƒ
  • Send form letters and emails directly to and from HUB RMIS. ƒ
  • Import or export critical production data. ƒ
  • Configure production portal to accept online forms and questionnaires for use of watercraft and aircraft. ƒ
  • Track OSHA recordkeeping, reportable incidents and maintain OSHA 300, 300A and 301 scheduled reporting.

Production Equipment ƒ

  • Maintain limitless production equipment schedules. ƒ
  • Track real-time activity either in the office or on location. ƒ
  • Link contractors and vendors to equipment schedules. ƒ
  • Track qualifications and licensing of equipment operators. ƒ
  • Issue alerts and notifications to inform key personnel of accidents and service requirements. ƒ
  • Create custom dashboards, views and filters to manage production costs. ƒ
  • Track labor costs, warrantee information, maintenance types and vendors all in a single location.

Certificate of Insurance Compliance ƒ

  • Create custom risk profiles for third-party vendors. ƒ
  • Notify vendors regarding COI deficiencies, expiration dates and compliance requirements. ƒ
  • Select different requirements by coverage or risk profile. ƒ
  • Generate custom emails and notifications. ƒ
  • Group email records. ƒ
  • Upload insured data from spreadsheets. ƒ
  • Identify expired, expiring and deficient certificates.

Production Coverages

Track policies through the HUB RMIS policy manager, claim and document module: ƒ

  • Cast insurance ƒ
  • Production media (negative) ƒ
  • Media perils (faulty stock, camera & processing) ƒ
  • Props, sets and wardrobe ƒ
  • Production equipment ƒ
  • Third-party property damage ƒ
  • Extra expense ƒ
  • Office contents ƒ
  • Monies & securities ƒ
  • Special policies for animals, aircraft, auto stunts/precision driving, watercraft, etc.

Dashboards and Reporting ƒ

  • Preconfigured reports ƒ
  • Dashboards to monitor productions or any other activities ƒ
  • Dashboards, notifications and reports distribution ƒ
  • Mobile notifications and updates