HUB’s Risk Management Information System (HUB RMIS) helps contractors with enterprise wide risk management activities easily track leading and lagging indicators as well as share real-time data between jobsites and the corporate office.


  • Maintain unlimited number of construction projects or locations. ƒ
  • Drill-drown to specific construction sites or locations. ƒ
  • Link subcontractors, independent contractors, developers and other participants to a specific location. ƒ
  • Create views to display specific location information such as OSHA recordable, fleet, certificates of insurance, claims, policies or exposure data. ƒ
  • Attach documents such as Certificates of Insurance, policies, contracts, pictures and videos at any location level. ƒ Allocate insurance costs across projects quickly and accurately.


  • Create or import projects using physical addresses or GPS coordinates.
  • Track and manage multiple types of projects such as: residential, building, commercial, industrial, highway, and more.
  • Track OCIPs, contracts, subcontractors, and budgets.
  • Manage key General Contractor contact information.
  • Send form letters and emails directly to and from HUB RMIS.
  • Track construction, occupancy, protection, and exposure information at each location.
  • Import and export critical project data.
  • Scheduled reporting for OHSA 300, 300A and 301.


  • HUB RMIS can be easily configured to track site inspections and audits, loss prevention and corrective actions, workflows, and notifications. ƒ
  • Inspections can be real-time or imported using our array of data import automation tools. ƒ
  • Incident reporting using mobile forms, with the ability to upload supporting documentation and pictures at any location level. ƒ
  • Incident tracking and investigation. ƒ
  • Receive severe weather warnings per location.


  • Maintain unlimited vehicles and equipment data. ƒ
  • Convert hardcopy vehicle inspections to electronic format. ƒ
  • Track real-time activity either in the office or on the road. ƒ
  • Use alerts and notifications to inform key personnel of vehicle accidents and service requirements. ƒ
  • Create custom dashboards, views and filters to help manage your entire fleet. ƒ
  • Track labor costs, warrantee information, maintenance types and vendors all in a single location.


  • Create unlimited custom risk profiles for contractors, subcontractor, vendor, etc. ƒ
  • Notify contractors regarding COI deficiencies, expiration dates and compliance requirements. ƒ
  • Easily select different requirements by coverage or risk profile. ƒ
  • Generate unlimited custom email templates and notifications. ƒ
  • Group email records (about to expire, those with deficiencies or a customized group). ƒ
  • Upload insured data from spreadsheets for rapid implementation. ƒ
  • Easily identify expired, expiring and deficient certificates. ƒ
  • Create custom views and filters, and run deficiency reports.


Through HUB RMIS’s Policy module and document management functionality, track specific policy coverage information such as: ƒ

  • OCIPƒ
  • Property and Business Income
  • Boiler and Machineryƒ
  • General Liability
  • Environmental
  • Builders Risk
  • Umbrella and Excess
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Waiver of Subrogation


  • Select from an array of preconfigured reports. ƒ
  • Create dashboards to monitor construction sites and safety programs. ƒ
  • Schedule and distribute dashboards, notifications and reports automatically. ƒ
  • Receive notifications and updates on your mobile device.