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Successful brokers and consultants are the driving force behind
HUB International. They are leaders who thrive in an entrepreneurial environment. As a member of our team, you’ll find that HUB shares
your goals and focus.

Growing your business
Securing the future
for you, your employees and your customers

Why Hub?

Because we want the same
things you do.

If you have the focus and dedication to become the very best at what you do, you have a lot in common with us.


Meet Rick Gulliver

Learn about HUB International's humble beginnings in a converted chicken
restaurant as told by Rick Gulliver, President of HUB International.



Book of business growth for
shareholders and top producers
3 years post transaction close



Shareholders and top
producers still employed
3 years post transaction close


Have received a return of over

from 2007 to present

Hear how our partners have leveraged HUB's strengths
to their advantage.

  • Meet Martin Yung

    From JDW Insurance

    Learn how the entrepreneurial culture proved a good fit for El Paso’s market-leading brokerage.

    Meet Paula Dorsey

    From The Dorsey Group

    Learn how her own deliberations about succession planning motivated her to partner with HUB.

    Meet Robert Keilty and Gregory Belton

    From HKMB

    Learn how joining HUB in 2008 moved their firm and respective careers to the next level.

  • Meet John Connelly

    From CCFN

    Learn how joining HUB helped ensure
    a bright future for his firm’s rising stars.

Equity Partnership is available if you join HUB

Employee ownership

If you choose to join HUB, you and/or your key employees may wish to become equity partners. HUB International has achieved great financial returns for its shareholders. Those who invested in 2007 have received a return of over 300% to date. We believe in employee ownership because it makes us jointly responsible for shaping the future of our organization. You’ll discover that the long-term financial and professional benefits of a career with HUB will far exceed any other alternative in today’s market.

Track record of success

Our equity partner, Hellman & Friedman, is one of the most experienced and successful investment organizations in the private equity industry. They have extensive experience in the insurance industry, having invested over $2.3 billion in insurance-related businesses over a span of 20 years. H&F works with us to build greater value through investments in technology, sales enablement, marketing, and other key initiatives designed to enhance the customer experience.

Whatever you’re doing successfully now,
you’ll be able to do better as a HUB partner.

Our Resources

Think greater clout with carriers. Business solutions and tools to
help you develop plans for growth. Support as you expand into
new markets. We’re here to help give you a competitive
advantage so together, we can make good things happen.

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Our Risk Services practice can help you win and retain key commercial accounts. The team comprises board-certified and degreed safety, security, property, environmental and claims professionals who are available to supplement your client's internal risk management team and help you identify and manage your specific risk issues. Results are achieved through a reduction in Total Cost of Risk.


Our Employee Benefits practice is founded on three core principles to help clients achieve the best return on their investment in employee benefits:

  • Manage Costs
  • Reduce administrative workload while achieving compliance
  • Engage employees, increasing accountability, choice and satisfaction

Because we serve both large and small clients, we can offer solutions that are properly scaled to meet the needs of your clients. Our in-house compliance and ERISA experts help clients establish and maintain a compliant platform and ensure that benefit programs are in good standing.


As a member of the HUB team, you can access experts in more than 30 industry specialties. Our professionals not only know the business, they know your customer's business. This enables you to win and retain more business.

HUB recognizes the value of
your key people and their strong
relationships with customers.

Your People

Your team is successful, and we don’t argue with results.
That means a partnership with HUB expands opportunities for
your key people, providing them enhanced opportunities to grow.

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HUB can help you achieve your organic growth objectives reducing the investment risk associated with hiring producers while also improving your success rate. Under our Producer Scholarship Program, Corporate shares in the financial investment needed to hire and train new producers. In addition to subsidizing a portion of a producer’s first-and second-year salary, this program also delivers a proven process for screening, on-boarding, and managing new producers. Over the years, this program has lowered attrition and increased first-year producer production, all through a streamlined and cost-effective process.


The HUB Sales Force Development team is dedicated to moving sales people to the next level through best-in-class training that drives results. Light on theory and heavy on what works, every class is run by a seasoned producer. Among the programs offered are:

  • Path to Validation - Teaches prospecting and consultative selling to help rookies validate faster
  • Challenger Silver - Helps producers pursue more complex deals and get more deals "unstuck"
  • Professional Sales Coaching - Geared to help sales managers be more effective leaders


Our marketing team generates new business opportunities for producers by deploying targeted campaigns designed to drive inbound inquiries that are qualified and converted into appointments for our producers in an effort to subsidize organic growth. Here are some of the strategies our team employs in the course of a campaign:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing and Display Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Content Marketing
  • Educational and Sponsored Webinars
  • Seminars and Live Events
  • Outbound/Inbound Calling
  • Print Advertising


HUB creates visibility for high performing producers and fosters a competitive atmosphere through real time sales activity reporting as well as monthly postings of top sales.

The Annual SHARP Awards honor the “best of the best”. Typically, about 10% of producers meet the performance thresholds each year. Award winning producers qualify for the trip and receive equity in the company so they can all share in the successful growth of HUB. Held at a different venue each year, the event gives producers (and their significant others), the opportunity to meet other top performers as well as the HUB executive management team.

Over 1.5 Million

Businesses and consumers count
on Hub to be their trusted advisor

You’re here because you have a
great organization but you want
to take it to the next level. Can
we help?

HUB is looking for partners who can thrive in our entrepreneurial culture and collaborative environment. If you have a passion for excellence and a desire to grow and ensure your people’s future, talk to us today.

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