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“HUB offers a once-in-a-lifetime growth opportunity and the same dedication to your success that you bring to your clients.”

Larry Lineker
Executive Vice President
HUB International

Why HUB?

Meet Gregory Belton and Robert Keilty.
See how joining HUB moved their firm and respective careers to the next level.

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Growing your business and securing your future.

1M+ Clients
92% Client Retention
$24B+ in Premiums

Revenue by lines of business
Hub Revenue Distribution 51% Commercial Lines, 27% Employee Benefits, 15% Personal Lines,
5% Wholesale, 2% Other

Create deeper relationships with your clients

With everything HUB has to offer your clients, you can transform opportunities into revenue and higher client retention. Tap into our vast network for upsell and cross-sell opportunities, best-in-class risk services, and insurance for business, personal lines and employee benefits.

Our partners have leveraged HUB’s strengths to their advantage

“We’re as independent as we’ve ever been, and now, with the best resources in the industry, we’re growing faster than ever delivering greater value to our clients.”

Nick Gialamas, President Forest Financial Group, joined 2015

“My agency joined HUB in May 2020, right as the pandemic was taking hold. Since then, business has grown nearly 50% because of the additional resources, products, strategies and markets. That’s something that would never have happened had we not joined HUB. HUB has always delivered on their promises.”

Tony Nyers
Owner of The Healy Group
Joined 2020

The resources and tools you need to win more business — faster

  • Sales Tools and Technology

    We have robust technology platforms that accelerate the pace at which we can complete transactions and reduce our cost to serve customers.

    • Automated Broker and Sales Management

    • Online access to all HUB product and program information and expertise

    • Expanded market support

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  • Risk Management Services

    With HUB, your team can mobilize a world-class risk management team to help you secure, retain and service more clients.

    • More than 85 risk management consultants

    • Expertise in more than 100 industries

    • More than 150 claims experts

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  • Marketing and Lead Generation

    Our digital marketing investments are enabling us to understand what is motivating our prospects and how they want to engage with us before, during and after the sale.

    • Award-winning digital marketing for your brand, services and products

    • Timely and relevant thought leadership campaigns supported by digital publications, webinars, social media, online advertising and continuous email campaigns to drive awareness and generate qualified leads

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  • Sales Force Development

    Our Sales Force Development team moves sales people to the next level through best-in-class training that drives results.

    • Recruiting and onboarding programs to help you catch the best talent

    • Producer training and personal coaching to drive growth

    • Performance recognition and rewards to help you keep the best talent

Evolving to meet our clients’ needs

The services we deliver are always evolving to stay ahead of change and meet emerging client needs. Here is where we are focusing to stay competitive and drive our growth.

Learn about HUB’s specialty practices

“We welcome successful entrepreneurs and partner with people we look forward to working with every day.”

Clark Wormer
Managing Director

Mergers & Acquisitions, HUB International
(312) 279-4848
300 N. LaSalle, Ste 1700
Chicago, IL 60654
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