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Travel Insurance

Let’s be sure you’re covered for trip cancellation and emergency medical expenses while traveling.

Travel Insurance

Life is unpredictable

Planning a vacation? Setting aside time to visit family or friends? Whatever prompts you to mark your calendar for a trip, remember to prepare for the unexpected.

Whether you travel outside your province or to another country, it is essential that you are properly protected with insurance that covers any medical expenses that arise. The reason is simple: even if your provincial plan will pay for emergency medical treatment, the amount covered is based on what that same service costs where you live — and there are many essentials that government health insurance plans do not cover at all. As a result, you could be out of pocket for a substantial sum, depending on where the emergency occurs and the treatment received.

Also, between the moment you book your tickets and the day you’re due to depart, anything can happen — making travel suddenly impossible. A family member could be injured or become ill, requiring you to stay at home to provide essential care.

When you have travel insurance, you have more options — and fewer worries.

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More detail

Understand your coverage — and your options

Travel cancellation or interruption insurance covers any prepayments and deposits that you can’t first recover from a travel provider, such as a transportation company or tour operator. 

It’s also important to remember that while policies can be flexible, compensation is payable for a “covered” medical reason or a “named peril” event.  The policy will pay only if your reason for cancellation is covered. That’s why you need to talk to an expert when selecting your coverage.

You can buy a travel insurance policy that allows you to cancel for any reason. This broader coverage comes at a higher premium, but an “any reason” policy can provide the ultimate flexibility when you need it.

Learn more about medical expense, emergency and other coverage options >

  • Medical Expense Coverage will cover you for accidents and emergency medical care when you travel abroad. 
  • Emergency Evacuation Coverage will pay to airlift you back to Canada or your home province. Even if your current health insurance provider covers you for basic emergency care overseas, it’s highly unlikely that they will pay to evacuate you. 
  • Baggage Coverage can reimburse you if your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • 24/7 Travel Assistance Services can help you with a wide array of issues, including locating medical treatment and transportation and dealing with lost passports and stolen luggage.
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