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Claims Management

Let’s work together to ensure your claims are processed quickly and correctly.

Claims Management

Address Issues Quickly to Control Claims Costs and Contain Premium Increases

Whether you’re dealing with liability, workers’ compensation, property or other claims, we can help you protect your bottom line. A robust claims management process designed and staffed by HUB claims management specialists takes the burden off you and ensures that your claims are processed quickly and correctly.

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Advocating on Your Behalf 

We work with our network of professional advisors — adjusters, lawyers, forensic auditors, accountants and engineers — to help you resolve your claims with ease.

Our claims management services include:

  • Client advocacy
  • Claims review and data analysis
  • Claim closure program
  • Employer claims management practices
  • Medical cost containment management
  • Reserve analysis
  • Third-party administrator selection
  • Settlement evaluation
  • Litigation management
  • Subrogation/second injury fund recoveries
  • Claim audits
  • Preloss planning
  • Coverage disputes
  • Dispute resolution
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Without a claims specialist, the statistics are not in your favor

Up to 60 percent of small to mid-size businesses close their doors following a major business event. That’s why making the right choice for your business protection insurance and claims advocacy is critical to your sustainability. You can learn more, and find essential advice and practical tips, in our exclusive broker insight report: “How Insurance Oversights Can Lead to Devastating Claims Denials”

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