Acquirer of Choice

Since the formation of HUB International Limited in 1998, we have successfully completed more than 300 acquisitions.

Why do so many insurance brokerages choose HUB?

One reason is that we understand that acquisitions are combinations of people, so we pay close attention to make sure the culture fits. We feel that it is just as important as the financials.

Here are a just a few reasons why so many have chosen to become part of the HUB family:

  • Superior access to markets
  • Financial capital for expansion
  • Industry-leading sales tools & resources
  • Sales producer recruitment and training
  • Multiple distribution capabilities
  • Attractive programs & specialized products
  • Wholesale operations
  • Collaboration among peers across all business channels
  • Strong sales culture
  • Entrepreneurial yet disciplined environment

HUB International is looking for partners who want the opportunity to grow and manage in an entrepreneurial environment that provides exceptional operational support.


Keith Jordan, President and CEO of HUB International Horizon (formerly Horizon Insurance – Acquired October 2011)

What impressed me on my first visit was the people. They were all insurance people that had started brokerages from the ground up. The HUB International team has been true to their word - our acquisition and integration has gone exactly as promised. We still have our independence but now we also have huge resources at our fingertips. We can compete on any account, knowing full well that if we don't have all of the expertise, we can find it within the HUB organization. Not only does our management team see the advantages HUB has brought to us, so does all of our staff. We should have done this deal years ago.

Kevin Gardner, Senior Vice President HUB International Gulf South (formerly SEBS of Louisiana – Acquired August 2011)

While we knew a partnership with HUB International was in the best interests of our clients, our employees and our business relationships, we still had great anxiety about moving forward. This concern was not only felt by me, but also voiced by key employees. Now fully integrated with HUB, we all share the excitement in the new resources available and the great people with whom we are now affiliated. Most satisfying is the confidence our people now have in the decision we made. Our employees can see how their ability to grow professionally and serve our clients has improved while the things that made them enjoy working for our firm have not changed. Change is never easy, but when the end result is positive for all stakeholders it is worth undertaking.

Allison Rhyne, President HUB International Southeast (formerly First Southeast Insurance Services – Acquired June 2011)

Our agency was previously bank-owned, which presents a different set of challenges than buying a family or individually owned agency. Due to their previous experience in working with financial institutions, HUB International was able to address the needs and concerns of the bank while providing an excellent solution for the producers and staff of the agency. HUB’s flexibility and speed of response during the process were instrumental in bringing the transaction to a successful conclusion.

After the closing and during the integration, HUB has been exactly as described. Corporate and regional professionals have been a delight to work with. We have realized that the responsiveness that characterized HUB during the negotiations is a hallmark at all levels of the company. Whether you need help with high level risk services or market advice on an account, you can count on the fact that any inquiry will receive immediate attention and you will be bombarded by offers of help from your peers around the nation. Entrepreneurial team spirit is alive and well at HUB International.

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HUB International is looking for partners who want the opportunity to grow and manage in an entrepreneurial environment that provides exceptional operational support.