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Employee Productivity and Safety

Let’s cultivate an engaged and productive workforce that helps your organization achieve its goals.

employee productivity

Is low employee engagement costing you?

Your organization has an eye for the opportunities but it takes an engaged and productive team to seize them. Employee health and safety is a key driver of maximum productivity but simply focusing on healthcare benefits isn’t enough. In fact, for every dollar you spend on medical and pharmacy benefits, an additional $2-$4 is spent on absenteeism and presenteeism, or working while sick. Building a culture of health, safety and accountability will help your organization get to the next level.

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Create the optimal working environment

We’ll work with you to identify exposures to injury and to put controls and processes in place to reduce the likelihood and impact of injuries by:

  • Managing issues that cause absenteeism
  • Creating strong paid/unpaid time-off programs that align with employee needs
  • Evaluating and managing drivers of workers’ compensation claim
  • Creating a culture of safety
  • Developing a robust return to work program

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of employees account for 85% of absence management program spending.

Build a data-driven, integrated approach to improving health and productivity

  • Five Key Components to Effective Employee Productivity Management

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    Fit Factor
  • Fit Factor

    Good absence management programs are about optimizing the links between physical and mental health, and job satisfaction and performance.

    Benefit and Policy Design
  • Benefit and Policy Design

    Design your benefit plans and policies to include incentives and disincentives for employee engagement and return-to-work effectiveness. Make connections between Family and Medical Leave (FMLA), short-term disability, workers’ compensation, long-term disability claims and medical claims.

    Program Development
  • Program Development

    Focus on programs that address goals and priorities for both the employer and the employee. Identify trends in absenteeism and high-cost claims and implement strategies that can be addressed through wellness initiatives or clear stay-at-work and return-to-work pathways.

    Health and Productivity/Vendor Coordination
  • Health and Productivity/Vendor Coordination

    Encourage collaboration among vendors to support business objectives and workforce management initiatives.

    Create Partners, Not Adversaries
  • Create Partners, Not Adversaries

    Focus on the three C’s to support workforce management programs: culture, collaboration and communication. Set clear roles and responsibilities and provide training for stakeholders.


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