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Hackers don't discriminate

You should never underestimate the potentially crippling effects of a cyber breach or assume that your company is too small, too big or too protected to become a target. If you do, you’re extending an open invitation to cyber crime

A staggering number of small and medium-sized organizations suffer cyber attacks each year, and find themselves trying to manage without the support of cyber insurance coverage. And if your systems or data are compromised, it can put you out of business. At the very least, you could suffer a significant financial loss and take a severe hit to your reputation.

When a cyber attack occurs, recovering your data is just one piece of the pie. Having cyber insurance coverage is another.

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60% of businesses don’t recover after a cyber attack because they weren’t prepared. Understanding the financial impact to your organization is critical to your recovery and having comprehensive cyber insurance coverage.

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Don't Fall Victim to These 5 Cyber Myths

You wouldn't leave your office building unlocked overnight, so why take your organization's cyber security any less seriously? It's what stands between hackers and your sensitive data. Even so, some myths about the risks of falling prey to cyber thieves remain. 
  • Key ways to Minimize Business Disruption

    If a cyber attack occurs, there are steps you can take to reduce the impact on your business. 

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    Protect the Evidence
  • Protect the Evidence

    Like any crime scene, you need to secure the area where the breach occurred. Then, identify the point of entry, duration of the exposure and the type of data that has been compromised.

    Prepare an Incident Report
  • Prepare an Incident Report

    You need to capture all available information about the attack as quickly as possible. This report, which might be needed for investigative and insurance purposes and obligations to third parties, should describe what happened and when, and actions that were taken. 

    Identify the Affected Business Processes
  • Identify the Affected Business Processes

    Failure to quickly identify the scope of an incident can lead to higher response costs. You also need to determine whether data is still accessible and how it might be used for malicious purposes. 

    Establish an Incident Response Team
  • Establish an Incident Response Team

    Make sure your organization has a cyber "A-Team" on call. It should be prepared to handle the immediate response to a breach, along with coordinating communications, assisting external investigations and reviewing insurance coverages. 

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