The HUB Mesquite transportation office has a strong team of transportation experts. Our team is filled with not only truck insurance specialists, but employees that have actual trucking backgrounds and a wealth of real-world industry experience.

Jerry Gillikin loaded trucks in the summers during college and began his career in Operations with Roadway Express, which was the largest trucking company in the Country at the time. Curt Coltharp owned a Trucking Company in West Texas for years, and his experience there can be a huge advantage in assisting clients with operational and financial aspects of their business.

The HUB Mesquite transportation office was formed when Jerry Gillikin and Jim Howse sold The Transportation Group (“TTG”) to HUB in 2010. Most of the employees remain very active.
As are all of the HUB offices in Texas, the Mesquite transportation office is a member of TXTA (Texas Transportation Association)

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