About Us | Our Mission

At Tevis Insurance Solutions, we strive to deliver innovative, cost-containment solutions and services to meet complex insurance needs while creating quality, measurable business results for our clients in the areas of Employee Benefits, Wellness Programs and Industry Compliance.

Helping Employees Get the Benefits They Deserve

As a leading Roseville Insurance Brokerage firm, Tevis Insurance Solutions takes pride in offering our unique approach to employee benefits with our leading edge, proprietary technology tools and products coupled with unsurpassed levels of personalized customer service. The Tevis approach gives value for money, and guarantees that the plan obtained is tailored-fit for the particular needs of the client, delivered in a modernistic manner.

By utilizing the Tevis approach, the results are substantial, flexible, cost-effective group benefit programs that create employee goodwill, and protect the physical and financial health of our clients, may it be for themselves, their families, or for their employees. We will ensure that the clients get the most out of their insurance plans.

Helping You Understand Your Rights to Proper Healthcare

 With the onset of the Affordable Health Care Act, health insurance has been made mandatory. We at Tevis Insurance Solutions are very much concerned that Californians may not be aware of all their options. We would like to help you by giving you a wide array of choices wherein you can pick economic plans that will provide the best value for its price. Because that is the essence of the Affordable Health Care Act – to warrant that every one of us safeguard our health and well-being, and not to add burden by squeezing in the premiums to our monthly expenditures. Tevis Insurance Solutions will aid you in achieving this.

Tevis Insurance Solutions wants to help you with all your insurance needs. Let us help you, find the best health care solution for yourself, your family or your employees. Contact us today to find out more.