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Safety Features Designed to Keep Your Drivers Safe

  • Driver Profile

    Improve driving behavior with tips based on performance tracked in the app.

    • Driving score represents your drivers’ overall performance.

    • Trips are automatically tracked including distance, duration, start and end, and detailed trip trails.

    • Trip trails show events that are related to overall driver score including:

    • Driving Metadata
    • Total Miles Driven
    • Total Trips Taken
    • Monthly, Weekly filtering
    • All time Driving Stats
  • Fleet Safety

    Get a high-level view of your fleet’s performance with a fleet score

    • View, in detail, each fleet drivers’ driving behaviors and scores.

    • Reduce the likelihood of collisions through consistent driver feedback and coaching. Fleet managers can also have access to their drivers’ locations.

    • Quickly identify excellent, fair, and risky drivers and take immediate precautionary measures including retraining drivers.

    • View the scoring history to ensure consistent improvements.

  • Collision Detection

    Automatically detect collisions and alert the fleet manager, notify an emergency contact or trigger a workflow (e.g., First Notice of Loss)

    • Provides high accuracy detection rate at low speeds.

    • Speed up insurance claims process with automatic data upload on collision event.

    • Provide driver centric value-add helping drivers during a stressful time.

  • Rewards and Gamification

    Encourage consistent improvements in driving behavior with positive reinforcements.

    • Stimulate healthy competition amongst drivers with weekly, monthly, and all-time leaderboards.

    • Boost retention and satisfaction by offering frequent rewards for safer driving behaviors.

    • Earn badges for good driving through drive gamification.

The HUB Drive Safe App is available as a standalone solution. It also works with HUB Drive Online, our transportation platform where your app data is integrated with driver training and coaching programs. HUB Drive Online helps you manage your people, partners and insurance policies faster and easier.

Interested in getting started? Talk to a HUB transportation specialist today.

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