Putting the Brakes on Rising Costs

Five ways to keep your fleet profitable

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Tight shipping rates, increased insurance premiums and continued driver shortages are pressuring businesses to reconsider long held operational beliefs in order to stay profitable. In these challenging times, how do commercial fleets create a model of operational excellence that reduces risk and protects their profitability?

Rising costs, regulatory requirements and lower trucking rates are impacting motor carriers
More fleets have gone out of business in the first 8 months of 2019 than in all of 2018.*

Fleet Profitability Webinar

Keep Drivers Safe

A lower Inspection Selection System (ISS) score makes your company attractive not only to customers and drivers, but also to insurance carriers. Fleets with higher ISS scores can face high premiums, while those with a lower score enjoy lower premiums and significant operational benefits. So how do you lower your ISS score?

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Keep Drivers Healthier

In this increasingly competitive labor market, finding the experienced and reliable drivers you need is difficult. How do you attract and retain good drivers, when there aren’t enough to satisfy the industry’s demand? The answer is surprisingly simple, and it starts with being good to your drivers.

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Fleet Profitability Webinar

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