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Employee Financial Stress:
The Invisible Drain on Workplace Productivity and Your Bottom Line

Actions to Relieve Employee
Financial Stress

Employee financial stress reaches the bottom line of businesses everywhere. Take these actions to address employee financial stress, and deliver the benefits right to your organization's bottom line.

Download the guide to learn the actions you can take to help make a difference in your workforce.

Help employees get out of debt

Help Employees Get Out of Debt

78% of workers live paycheck to paycheck. Relieve financial stress by offering student loan repayment benefits, workplace banking services, and/or an emergency savings account through payroll deduction.

Make Health Care More Affordable

30% of Americans put off getting healthcare due to costs. Offer supplemental health and disability insurance so your employees can choose the coverage they need.

Make health care more affordable
Help employees save for retirement

Help Employees Save for Retirement

42% of Americans will retire with little to no savings. Offer auto enrollment, auto escalation and investment advisory services. Establish a retirement income planning program for employees who are nearing retirement age.

Did You Know?

75% of Millennials say their employers have a responsibility for the financial well-being of their employees. Employers who offer financial wellness programs report higher satisfaction with benefits and 69% are measuring program results on a quarterly or monthly basis.

Listen to the On-Demand Webinar

When you help your employees manage debt and save for retirement, you also help your bottom line. Financial wellness programs improve employee productivity, satisfaction and loyalty. Listen to the webinar to hear the recommendations our specialists share to get you started.

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