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General Contractors Insurance

Let’s protect your business, your projects and your people.

Contractor Insurance

Protection for your business, your reputation — and every project you take on

Directing skilled work. Managing cash flow. Keeping the project on schedule. Dealing with changes, delays and disputes. You’re responsible for it all — and that means you’re responsible for all the associated risks too.

The insurance you need right now
Whether you’re working on hard bid, design/build or any other project delivery method, HUB’s contractors insurance experts can help keep you on track with solutions for:

  • Property and casualty coverage
  • Project “wrap-up” insurance, whether owner-controlled (OCIP) or contractor-controlled (CCIP)
  • Builders’ risk
  • Surety bonds
  • Subcontractor default insurance
  • Employee health and voluntary benefits

In addition, we’ll work with you to develop individualized, tailored general contractors insurance solutions for the top risks and challenges you face — before, during and after a job well done.

More detail

Protection for your top risks

We can help you manage your total cost of risk with solutions to address:

  • Workers’ compensation: We can help you influence your experience modification rate, meet your compliance requirements and lower your costs.
  • Construction defect: We can help protect you against claims of negligence in the construction of a building or structure.
  • General liability: We’ll help you protect your organization from potentially ruinous lawsuits that can arise from accidents or allegations of negligence.
  • Environmental liability: In the event of an environmental incident related to the disposal of hazardous waste or handling of hazardous materials, we can help protect your organization from potentially ruinous costs arising from lawsuits, remediation and decontamination processes, or business interruption losses.
  • Inland marine exposures: We understand the full range of risks to your contractor’s equipment, tools and materials, and the coverage required to protect you against potential loss.
  • Professional liability: If you’re offering value engineering or design services, or participating in design/build or design assist, you may need professional liability insurance. This will protect you against charges of errors, omission or negligence that could destroy your reputation — and your business.

Solutions for your top challenges

Our general contractors insurance specialists can also help with:

  • Surety bond program management: If you qualify, we can help you increase the capacity of your surety bond program, enabling you to bid on more and bigger projects. We can also help you secure better surety bond terms with a rate structure and indemnity requirements appropriate to your company’s surety needs.
  • Skilled worker shortages: Your HUB general contractors insurance broker can help you attract and retain top talent with advice on which employee benefits to offer; we can also advise you on how to better handle workers’ compensation claims and help injured employees return to work sooner.
  • Change orders: When change orders come fast and furious, it can be a struggle to reconcile them with your original contract. We can help with contract reviews that reveal potential liabilities and risks.
  • Staying on schedule: No general contractor wants to fall behind schedule — or face the associated penalties. We can help you stay on target with certificate management and contract reviews, and by ensuring a timely response to any inquiry or request.

Let us be your partner in risk management.

Our general contractors insurance experts can help you solve immediate problems, and plan a long-term strategy to proactively identify risks, reduce exposure to loss and manage claims when they occur.

We can also review your contracts to uncover potential liabilities, and make sure you’re protected against them.

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