Introducing HUB Drive Online

Manage your people, partners, and insurance policies faster and easier.

Here's everything you can do with HUB Drive Online - faster and easier:

  • Understand what’s driving your costs. Find out whether your company is efficiently and comprehensively managing risk. HUB Drive Online aggregates revenue, vehicle data, risk exposure, mileage, and costs into a cost per mile analysis and dashboard.
  • Analyze vehicle and compliance data. Get deeper insights into driver behavior and trends to better understand how they’re affecting your cost of risk per mile - and have automatic prescriptive tools to drive improvement.
  • Manage your drivers. Hiring or contracting with drivers, independent contractors or contract carriers? Whether they are independent contractors or contract carriers, track their MVR, background checks, drug testing, and applicable independent contractor agreements or carrier agreements. Want to ensure your drivers are practicing safety best practices? You can also link directly to safety and federal and state compliance training for your drivers, as well as track driver behavior and miles driven.
  • Take care of your drivers. You can link directly to employee benefits or provide independent contractors or contract carriers a marketplace for their benefits, insurance and profitability.
  • Manage your insurance. HUB Drive Online coordinates insurance policies, renewals, and claims, which can facilitate the filing of claims and payment of premiums as well as the procurement of new policies.
  • Get help. Whether you're preparing for an FMCSA audit, building a strategy to minimize losses, or considering expansion, new shippers or new routes - HUB Drive Online can help. With legal roadmaps and carrier agreements, HUB Drive Online provides insights and strategy around cost.
  • Customize to your line of business. Whether you’re in general freight, moving and storage, cross border, marine, aviation, auto dealerships, or any other specialized line of business, HUB Drive Online offers specialized applications for your business.

Want to know more?

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