HUB California Wildfire Updates: Detailed updates/analyses from the HUB Risk Services Division. 

  HUB Northern CA Wildfire Updates: 10.19.17

  HUB Northern CA Wildfire Updates: 10.16.17

  HUB Northern CA Wildfire Updates: 10.12.17

  HUB Northern CA Wildfire Updates: 10.10.17

Commercial Damage Assessment: Assessment of on-site damage sets the tone for the response operation and drives the recovery process, detailing the extent and location of damages. Proper documentation can speed up the claims process.

Establishing Security After a Natural Disaster: Coordinating security on-site, post-disaster will maintain privacy, secure data and avoid scams during recovery.

Minimizing Business Interruption: Minimize business interruptions and resume normal operations in a timely manner post-hurricane with these tips.

Best Practices for Navigating the Claims Process: The claims process can be confusing. Understand the parties involved, and learn how to expertly navigate claims before, during and after a loss.

Considering Property Abandonment: All insurance policies contain a Statutory Condition that addresses abandonment. Make sure you understand this condition before walking away.

Recovery Considerations: Eventually life will return to normal and you’ll need to consider how to resume operations, clean up and salvage, and support employees.

Personal Lines Evacuation Checklist: "Grab and Go" checklist, along with additional items to consider when evacuating, in preparation for a wildfire. 

Personal Lines Evacuation Tips: A short guide on evacuating, to be used when preparing for / responding to a wildfire. 

8 Things You Need to Know when Exposed to Wildfire Smoke: Guide to protecting yourself in work and home environment from large scale forest fire smoke. 


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Finding Your Way Back After Wildfires


Other Resources / Tracking & Alerts

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