The facts are startling. 75 percent of workers have been affected by workplace bullying, where employees feel more like victims than teammates. The stress bullying can create leads to mental and physical health issues, increased absenteeism and decreased work quality and productivity. It may also lead to resignations or even worse, workplace violence.

If bullying persists, employment practices liability lawsuits may follow.

So what can you do to mitigate workplace bullying?

  • Understand the signs of workplace bullying and train employees to recognize and address it.
  • Ensure employees feel comfortable to point out toxic behavior. Open door policies should be communicated regularly and allow for anonymous reporting.
  • Act swiftly to address bullying with the perpetrator and make anti-bullying policies visible and communicated regularly.
  • Create a company structure that encourages collaboration, and provides clear goals, rules and values to mitigate dictatorial and disjointed cultures.

Protect your employees and your company from toxic behaviors that can lead to drastic consequences.