Directors and Officers insurance – also known as D&O – is critical. Commonly known as “boardroom malpractice” insurance, D&O covers your leadership’s defense costs and damages if they are named in lawsuits or claims resulting directly from their decisions.

Equally important, not all D&O policies are created equal. Consider the following ways you may need HUB to help customize yours:

  • Ensure you have sufficient coverage if your company is engaging in M&A activities. Especially when audits and valuation procedures are involved, your executives would be at significantly heightened risk.
  • Re-evaluate your coverage as your company grows. Ensure that your policy limits matches your potential exposure.
  • Take inventory of the legal exposure of all your employees – for example, which ones interact with donors, creditors, customers, etc. You may need to extend your coverage beyond just executives.

Talk to your HUB insurance broker today about how to tailor a solution to keep you and your executives protected.