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Building a Safe Environment: How Real Estate Owners and Managers Can Protect Against Workplace Violence and Active Shooters

Building a safe environment

As real estate owner or manager, a violent event on your property may not only cost lives, but negatively impact your business profits and reputation. Active shooter incidents overall are statistically uncommon, but still increasing in number. Being so, property owners and managers are more frequently being tasked with trying to prevent attacks. Are you fulfilling your duty to creating a safe environment for your tenants and visitors? Are you focused on being proactive? Learn about violence prevention and response measures, and coverage solutions to protect against relative disruptions or losses to your business.

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What attendees have been saying

"The webinar was very informative. All of the speakers offer useful information that I can implement at my property immediately. I look forward to receiving the replay so I case share with my colleagues."

"This webinar made me aware of current and trending statistics and that we need to put an a program in place."

"The webinar opened conversations about topics that are not popular discussions but absolutely necessary. The information was informative as well."

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