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Hurricane Harvey Hit, One Family Turned to HUB to Rebuild

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Hurricane Harvey destroyed the McCrary family’s 5,200-sq.-ft. home, but the process of rebuilding was made easier with the tailored insurance and proactive planning they had put in place.

Recovering From Hurricane Harvey

Suzanne and Jack McCrary and their four dogs watched Hurricane Harvey’s catastrophic rainfall from the safety of their 5,200-sq.-ft. home. When the hurricane moved past Houston’s north side, the sun was once again visible in the McCrary’s backyard. They made it through.

Or, so they thought.

By nightfall, the municipality’s decision to release the local Lake Conroe Dam caused the water to rise in the McCrary’s backyard. It started creeping into their home and by 9:00 p.m., the water was coming through their walls. The McCrary’s and their dogs took refuge upstairs and watched the water rise and consume their entire first floor.

As many as 80 percent of those affected by Harvey lacked adequate flood insurance when the storm hit. Thanks to HUB, the McCrary’s weren’t one of them. When the couple first moved to their new home, their HUB advisor suggested they purchase the coverage, even though their home sits above the flood plain. While the premium was higher, the McCrary’s agreed it was a good idea and the policy paid back significant dividends when they needed it most, especially when the flooding from Hurricane Harvey damaged both their dwelling structure and contents.

At 6:30 a.m. the next day Suzanne sent an email to her HUB broker: “We’re in trouble,” triggering HUB’s claim team to start the claims process. The McCrary’s hoped the water would begin to recede, but no such luck. They knew they needed to get out – quick. But, it wasn’t until Tuesday night that Suzanne, Jack and their dogs were rescued. To get out, they waded through the standing contaminated water that had totaled their home and luxury cars and into a rescue boat sitting in the front hallway of their house. The McCrary’s checked into a hotel and were treated for three types of E.coli bacteria and a staph infection due to contaminated water exposure.

Almost a full week later, the McCrary’s were allowed back into their home. HUB had its adjuster onsite to meet them and immediately declared their property and its contents a total loss. From then on, things moved quickly – faster than the McCrary’s could have ever expected. Within a week, the insurance settlement and even the full transfer of funds from the carrier were already underway for the McCrary’s homeowners, flood and auto policies.

Both HUB and the adjuster advised the couple when and how to proceed with their settlement, what was and wasn’t worthwhile to spend money on, and how much things should cost.

Within three months, the McCrary’s moved back into their home and lived upstairs until their first floor was completely rebuilt. And, the McCrary’s had their house back within 6 months, ahead of all their neighbors, a feat Suzanne and Jack McCrary don’t take lightly – and are grateful for their relationship with HUB.

By taking conscious steps to be protected and prepared for when disaster strikes, you can put your mind at ease before — and after — a hurricane or when any disaster hits. Contact your HUB broker to make sure you’ve got the right coverage.


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