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Keep your drivers safe on the road

Keep Your Drivers Safe on the Road

Improve your ISS score and keep your drivers safe and supported on the road
Keep your drivers safe on the road

Inspection Selection System (ISS) scores were once the primary determinant of insurance prices, but with ELD, in-cab telematics data and other publicly available fleet safety and performance data, the calculus is different. However, even as insurance carriers review other information in determining rates, fleets with poor ISS scores can face higher insurance premiums.

So how do you lower your ISS score and risk overall? HUB International’s guide identifies the driver safety initiatives that you can create around several safety scores, including driver behavior and ELD scores, and Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASIC) values.

Download the guide now to learn how to use good safety and fleet management practices to protect your employees, while improving your bottom line.


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