By Keith J. Bowen

There are layers of protection for construction facilities and worksite . Are yours up to the high-tech standards of the 21st Century? Ensuring they are is the best way to improve your risk posture and avoid costly losses.

The physical security of your building and job site is your primary layer of protection, with your main concern the safety of your workers and others who are allowed access. The physical property is your second priority. 

Your number one worksite security consideration should be controlling access by limiting access points and making sure they are actively controlled and monitored. This is critical in order to substantially reduce the risk of thievery or vandalism. Explain why it’s there and why it’s needed to all your employees, partners, and clients to ensure the effectiveness of your perimeter security system. That will help discourage them from compromising your security by leaving doors propped open or bypassing magnetic locks.

Consider added layers of exterior worksite security. One effective way to go is with closed circuit television coverage of as much of your building as possible. While a security guard can be a visual deterrence, the monitoring system will be valuable in providing evidence should a break-in occur.

Beyond physical security of your environment and equipment, it’s also important to think about the cost of recovery should a theft occur. Modern technology and GPS-based products improve your chances of recovering stolen items – in fact, without them, stolen property is almost impossible to recover. 

GPS products are widely available these days, giving you tracking devices that are small and easy to conceal For larger and high value assets like heavy equipment or industrial equipment, GPS is invaluable for recovery purposes (and more). It can notify you of vehicle movement and excessive speed, for example, but also is a means for tracking fuel economy and providing electronic log compliance.  
You also should be careful of risks of other types of theft beyond physical breaches. Your electronic devices, whether laptops or cell phones, and your hardware need to be protected against cyber theft that could compromise company records or proprietary information. And they also need to be protected through GPS tracking for fast recovery if stolen.

HUB International’s risk managers can help you understand areas where breaches may compromise your company’s and worksite’s assets and the most effective way to avoid possible losses.