Identify Theft Protection Services provide individuals with 24/7/365 support, reacting swiftly and comprehensively to any data privacy issue or breach with a concierge-level breach response team and suite of services.

They offer individuals actively looking to reduce their risk of identity theft unlimited resolution assistance, support and peace of mind should they fall victim to an attack. While features will vary from service to service, ask for the following five features when engaging an Identity Theft Protection Service.

  1. Proactive Guidance, or hands-on guidance and best practices for managing home networks and methods of communication, including:
    • Email hacking
    • Phishing email assist
    • Social media guidance and intrusion assist
    • System compromise protection guidance
  2. Identity Monitoring helps mitigate the risk of identity theft, with the following monitoring and protection services:
    • Three bureau credit monitoring
    • Cyber monitoring of bank account and medical insurance claims
    • Unauthorized change of address alert
    • Sex offender alerting if living nearby
    • Court records alert if criminal acts are reported in client’s name
    • Payday loans monitoring alert if an unauthorized loan has been opened in client’s name
    • Social security trace can determine if unauthorized addresses are associated with social security number
  3. Identity Management services are available with:
    • Power of attorney or legal guardianship misuse in assisted living situations
    • Victim breach notification
    • Home break-in that may lead to ID theft
    • Child risk education and ID protection
    • Use of an identity in the commission of a crime
    • An identity is falsely linked to a debt
    • Protection of identity in a disaster
    • Assistance in replacing lost documentation
    • Unauthorized use of an identity for employment
    • Guidance to prevent ID theft with estate planning
    • Determining financial identity fraud
    • Preparing for marriage or separation
    • Fraudulent medical insurance claims
    • Transition to active military duty
    • Relocation of residence
    • Tax identity theft
    • Pre-travel cyber guidance and tips
  4. Expert Resolution Services include the following:
    • Access to personal fraud specialist and the service’s Resolution Center
    • Assistance with placement of fraud alerts and filing police reports
    • Fraud victim affidavit
    • Credit grantor notification
    • Governmental agency and association notification
    • Creation of a comprehensive case file
    • Active post-fraud follow-up
  5. Breach Response and Remediation, best practices begin with understanding the types of data at risk and continue with:
    • Breach counseling to determine severity of the breach
    • Crisis management with public relations experts
    • Notification assistance to adhere to data breach communication requirements

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