Summer is the perfect time for truck maintenance and to remove all signs of winter from your fleet. As professional fleet managers and drivers, preventative maintenance leads to safety, cost savings and on-time deliveries. Here are some important tips on ensuring your fleet is ready for summer.

Maintain the proper tire pressure

As temperatures rise, the pressure in your tires will decrease at an accelerated rate than normal. Use a tire pressure gauge to monitor the pounds per square inch (PSI). It's important to keep the correct pressure to extend the life of the tire, aid the vehicle in handling, and save you on money and fuel. Check the pressure and maintain the correct level in all tires on a monthly basis.

Check tire and tread wear while you're checking tire pressure

Safety is the most important reason to worry about with tire tread wear. Adverse weather conditions pose a greater risk to your drivers with worn tires.  Ensure that your tires are wearing at the proper rate and pattern. If you see anything out of the ordinary, don't hesitate to fix or replace the tires. Tires and brakes keep your drivers safe. Maintain them on a regular basis.

Check your brakes. Brakes are essential to vehicle and driver safety

Pressing the pedal and knowing you will come to a complete and precise stop gives your driver vital peace of mind. Brake parts are made of materials that wear over time from heat and friction, even under normal driving conditions. it is important to have your brakes checked at least once per year to avoid costly replacements.

Change your oil

Change the oil frequently, use the correct spec oil, and change the oil filter on the recommended intervals. This will prevent wear on your engine and protect against rust and corrosion in all climates.

Change your hoses and belts

Summer is a good time to change hoses and belts and they will serve your fleet the entire year without issues. They are neither hard nor expensive to change. They can lead to more expensive engine repairs, inconvenient breakdowns, and late deliveries. This suggestion might be the most cost-effective preventative maintenance program.

Flush and fill your radiator with the factory spec coolant

Overheating destroys engines and your businesses delivery timetables. Both the heating and air conditioning system work off the same coolant. Flushing your radiators antifreeze will keep your engine running cooler and will help prevent overheating, corrosion, and freezing. This basic maintenance should be performed annually.

Thoroughly clean all the winter chemicals off your trucks

Your vehicles will not only look better, their mechanical parts will last longer. Metals, shafts, joints, and the truck frame deteriorate much quicker with road chemicals left unchecked and unwashed. That can sometimes lead up to breakdowns and additional costs for large repairs. Breakdowns not only cost you money, but can be damaging to your businesses reputation.
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