Are you ready for the first incoming wave of ACA reporting deadlines and ACA verification audits by the IRS? 

ACA reporting is about to get real. Beginning in 2016, employers need to file their reports on time and demonstrate a good faith effort to comply, or risk severe fines from an ACA verification audit by the IRS.

Listen to this webinar to hear from our panel of experts to ensure you are prepared for an ACA verification audit and:

  • Learn what you can expect in the months ahead as we review the 2016 reporting timeline and ACA reporting verification audit process.
  • Understand the resources and tools that will help you demonstrate a good faith reporting effort to the IRS this year.
  • Explore the value of multi-year strategic planning to make reporting easier and reduce your risk of non-compliance in subsequent years.
  • Harness data and analytics to determine plan affordability and value and confirm it meets the requirements of the employer mandate.