Fleet Management

The Fleet Management feature of HUB's Risk Management Information System (RMIS) makes it easy to track your fleet and equipment information, associated claims, detailed maintenance records, vehicle inspections, overall costs and mileage. Create customized dashboards and screens to track real-time data your organization needs to quickly find specific vehicle information. RMIS import tools also make it easy to import vehicle information. 

Fleet Management Feature

  • Maintain limitless vehicles and equipment data.
  • Go Mobile and convert hard copy inspection reports to a fully web-based platform.
  • Track real-time activity either in the office or on the road.
  • Use alerts and notifications to inform key personnel of vehicle accidents and service requirements.
  • Create custom dashboards, views and filters to help manage your entire fleet.

Maintenance Records

  • Track labor costs, warrantee information, maintenance types and vendors all in a single location.

Customized Fleet Tracking

  • Upload vehicle and equipment data from spreadsheets for rapid implementation.
  • Track custom data for each record.

Vehicle Information

  • Identify vehicle costs such as lease payments, violations and maintenance.
  • Benchmark data to track mileage, vehicle costs, and cost-per-mile