When fleet vehicles are involved in accidents, the employer may be held responsible for any property damage or injury that results. Accidents also cause your business to lose revenue because of damaged inventory and late deliveries. Reducing the number of accidents that occur each year saves money, time and your reputation. Follow the tips below to protect your fleet from accidents.

Encourage your drivers to comply with traffic laws

One of the easiest ways to reduce accidents is to improve your drivers' compliance with the rules of the road. Drivers should never engage in dangerous behaviors, such as texting or speeding, while operating fleet vehicles. Drivers should also avoid driving when they are too tired to operate the vehicle safely. You can monitor some of your drivers' activity using specialized software systems installed in fleet vehicles. However, if you cannot install these systems, you can increase driver compliance by offering an incentive to the driver or drivers with the lowest number of incidents at the end of the year.

Offer training sessions

Ask your drivers to participate in training sessions designed to teach them how to operate their vehicles safely. You may require all drivers to participate in a session upon joining the company, or you may offer incentives to drivers who complete the course, such as a bump in pay or an entry into a prize drawing. In addition to improving your drivers' understanding of operational safety, these courses offer the added benefit of teaching your drivers how to be more fuel efficient on the road.

Prevent drivers from using drugs or drinking alcohol on the job

The use of alcohol or mind-altering drugs, such as cocaine, can dramatically reduce a driver's ability to use good judgment when operating a fleet vehicle. In addition, if the driver is caught by the authorities, your company may face legal penalties. Make it clear to your drivers that the use of drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated. Consider implementing random drug tests to ensure that all drivers are cooperating with company policy.

Perform regular maintenance on your fleet vehicles

Fleet vehicles spend a great deal of time on the road and are subject to wear and tear. Performing regular maintenance on these vehicles will keep them operating properly at all times, thus reducing safety risks. Drivers should also inspect key components of their vehicle, such as the tires, before each operation. To ensure that all drivers are performing these safety checks, require drivers to complete a written checklist and sign it before leaving the premises.

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