Cargo and vehicle theft is on the rise across the United States and Canada. Any business that has vehicles with valuables inside is vulnerable - from trucking companies, to contractors to home medical equipment providers. We will discuss the bad habits that make vehicles and cargo attractive targets and best practices for avoiding being a target.

You will learn:

  • 3 hidden costs of vehicle and cargo theft
  • 3 common causes of cargo and vehicle theft
  • 3 things criminals look for in targets
  • 3 simple strategies to thwart the criminal element

 Who should attend?

  • Risk managers
  • Fleet managers
  • Fleet owners

This webinar will be of interest to organizations in the US and Canada that have valuables, such as products or equipment, in vehicles.


Steven Bojan, Vice President Fleet Risk Services, HUB International

Steve Bojan has over 20 years of experience in risk management. He has been on the client side and the carrier side. Now he's at HUB, flying across North America to help producers meet the needs of clients with fleets in the construction, waste management, food service, pest control, landscaping and healthcare industries. He is eager to take your call and answer your questions as long as you are not driving at the time.