If you rent a house or apartment, your landlord’s insurance only covers the cost to repair the building if there is a fire or other disaster. You need your own coverage to financially protect yourself and your personal property.

A HUB Personal Insurance expert can help you obtain the Tenant or Renter’s Policy that best meets your needs.

Some important coverage options include:

  • Personal Liability Coverage: Protects you if you are sued for causing accidental bodily injury or damage to the property of others.
  • Theft Coverage: Provides protection if your personal property is stolen.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage: Safeguards you against depreciation and pays to completely replace an item in the event of a loss to your personal property.
  • Cash Settlement Option*: If a covered loss occurs to your personal property, you can choose to receive a cash settlement, with no requirement to repair or replace the item.
  • Water Backup Option*: Provides protection for damages caused by water backup through sewers and drains.
  • Valuable Articles Coverage: Provides protection for your jewelry, art, collectibles, antiques or memorabilia. 

*May not be available in some states or from some insurers.

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