Hurricane Insurance

Do you know what your coverage includes if a hurricane hits your property?

Hurricane season typically runs from June 1 to November 30. However, the time for property owners to worry about hurricane preparedness and safety isn’t in the hours before a storm hits; it’s right now. 

Connect with a HUB personal insurance broker to review your current property insurance and understand if you need additional coverage to supplement what is covered in your homeowner’s policy:

  • Replacement Cost: Determine whether your policy will pay replacement cost or actual cash value for your residence and contents.
  • Wind: Find out if wind is a covered peril under your insurance policy. 
  • Flood: The majority of homeowners policies do not cover flood damage caused by rising water. Check with your broker to see if you live in a low hazard or high hazard flood zone and whether you need to obtain flood coverage, which is written through the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Additional Living Expense: Does your policy pay for additional living expenses to cover the cost of hotels or meals in the event your residence becomes uninhabitable?

Contact a HUB personal insurance specialist today.

Learn how to prepare your home and family for a hurricane

Hurricane Safety Checklist for your Home

Visit our Crisis Management Center for more Information about Hurricanes 

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