Condo Insurance and Co-op Insurance

Are you aware that if you or the prior owners made permanent upgrades to your condo, such as wall coverings, cabinetry, bookcases, flooring, or renovations to a kitchen or bathroom, you may no longer be covered by your building association’s policy?

HUB International condo insurance and co-op insurance advisors can help you get the right coverage for permanent “additions and alterations” and avoid costly surprises at the time of a loss.

We specialize in tailored condo insurance and co-op insurance solutions for:

Loss Assessment Coverage: Covers the unit owner’s share of the cost in cases when the association insurance policy is not sufficient to cover total damage to the building or a lawsuit against the association.

Personal Property Coverage: Protects your contents against loss, both on and off the premises.

Valuable Articles Coverage: Provides a limited amount of coverage for your jewelry, furs, silver, etc. with further protection available by adding a rider to your policy.

Liability Coverage: Avoid costly lawsuits due to such occurrences as accidental water damage to a neighbor’s unit or someone slipping and falling in your condo by securing the right amount of liability coverage.

Comprehensive Personal Liability Coverage:  Provides protection both on and off the premises if you and your family are sued.

Contact a HUB personal insurance broker to get the condo insurance and co-op insurance coverage that fits your needs.

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