Health Care Reform Blog

  • 5/15/12 Reading the Tea Leaves – Health Reform and the Supreme Court

    The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in late March regarding the federal health reform law. Although the Justices have already voted on the issue and their law clerks know the outcome, C-level executives, HR professionals, and benefits consultants remain in a holding pattern of sorts until the decision is released. Delaying compliance with cer

  • 12/15/10 Hoping to grandfather only your executive plan – Some concerns

    Hoping to grandfather only your executive plan – Some concerns Many of our clients ask whether an employer could simply grandfather the executive medical plan portion of a program. Some carriers assert that is possible, but we have some specific concerns. When there’s a mistake in grandfathering status, the employer pays the price. The employer

  • 11/15/10 Healthcare reform – Is repeal on the horizon?

    The health care reform act was a major campaign issue in the 2010 mid-term elections. Some politicians promised a repeal if they were elected; some threatened one if they weren’t. Now that the votes have been counted, will reform be repealed or changed? Not likely. Public sentiment weighs against repeal of certain rules: reform changes implement