ACA Compliance

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is complex—and it has profound impacts on your business. Together we can develop a plan that will prepare you for federal agency audits and help steer clear of fines and taxes.

ACA Reporting

There's ACA compliance—and then there's ACA reporting. Your employee benefits plan can be fully compliant, but you'll need to produce the right IRS forms to prove it. Doing this is easier than you think with the right technology solution that automates 1094-series and 1095-series documents.

Download the ACA Compliance Technology Checklist to understand which features and functions to look for in a benefits administration and HR technology platform.

ACA Reporting eBook

Download eBook ACA Compliance Reporting eBook

ACA Audits

ACA reporting is in full force and audits are coming soon. Financial penalties for reporting errors and inaccuracies will be levied. Be prepared to show the IRS your good faith effort to do ACA reporting right.

Ensure that you have the data you need for an organized response in the event that you receive a notification for an ACA audit. The more prepared you are, the faster an audit can be resolved. Audits could be triggered for many reasons, so be prepared. Download the 10-step guide. Together we can reduce your risk of incurring financial penalties from an ACA audit and minimize disruption.

Find out what to expect and how to prepare more

ACA Audit
Preparation eBook

Download eBook ACA Audit Preparation eBook

Employer Mandate

Health care reform legislation requires all employers with 50 or more full-time employees to provide minimum affordable health coverage.

Your HUB advisor will help you understand the evolving complexities of this mandate including:

  • company size certification requirements
  • differing ACA requirements for companies of different sizes (50-99 employees versus 100+ employees)
  • changing ACA requirements over time
  • special employment categories (volunteers, educational, seasonal, student work study, and adjunct faculty)

Test your knowledge of ACA employee classification requirements. Take the quiz.

Variable Employee Classifications

Many businesses rely on variable hour employees or seasonal workers. The Affordable Care Act contains special provisions for these employees—and special requirements to be met by their employers. Work with us on a plan to meet the requirements for determining eligibility, and serving employee notices in order to avoid penalties and possible legal action.

Cadillac Tax

In 2020, you could face a 40% excise tax on so-called Cadillac benefits plans. But there are ways to minimize and delay the impact of the Cadillac Tax.

Use HUB’s Cadillac Tax Checklist to find out if your business could be exposed.

Your HUB expert advisor works with you to ensure that the decisions you make today don't expose you to unnecessary risk, and that the decisions you make tomorrow position you to succeed as health care reform continues to evolve.

Read Understanding and Preparing for 2016 Affordable Care Act Employer Mandates to learn how the Cadillac Tax can affect your plans to fulfill the Employer Mandate.