Downhole Specialty Tool Insurance

HUB International is the endorsed retail agent of an innovative and proprietary Downhole Tool Insurance Program that will:

  • Enable the insured to purchase additional insurance limits for rented MWD and LWD tools
  • Shift the risk of losing such tools to the Downhole Specialty Tool Insurance Program
  • Provide an additional 25% to 40% insurance limit of the tool's Replacement Cost Value when paired with the typical 50% limit offered by the tool rental company
  • Charge premiums and provide coverage ONLY while scheduled tools are Below Rotary Table
  • Issue a single, annual policy, allowing the insured to schedule tools as rented, while paying premium on a per well basis
  • Allow for one-time reinstatement of original coverage after first loss, subject to underwriting conditions

Day Rates Vary Based on BHA Value and Limit of Insurance Desired

DHT Program underwriting provided through HUB International's parternship with AllRisks & Lloyds of London.

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