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Three Lessons Learned from Hurricane Sandy

Events such as Hurricane Sandy are a terrible reminder of how devastating natural disasters can be for businesses and individuals.  Sandy started as a late-season hurricane in the Caribbean before coming ashore in the United States with 80 mph winds.

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Disaster Recovery Planning: Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

The well-rehearsed disaster plans of some companies allowed them to continue to serve customers without missing a beat during and after Hurricane Sandy. Improvising creative solutions in the face of the unforeseen allowed others to continue to serve customers during this difficult time.

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Lessons Learned From Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was a sad reminder of the devastating consequences that can result from an extreme event. In addition to the direct costs associated with the loss and damage to property, there was a severe impact on individuals, their families and the companies in which they work.

There are always lessons to be learned following a disaster and Hurricane Sandy was no exception.


For Your Home


Get In Front of 2015 Hurricane Season and Protect Your Home and Family

As we enter hurricane “prime time,” thinking about preparedness and safety won’t do much good in the hours before a storm hits. The time is now.

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Hurricane Safety for your Home

Hurricane season typically lasts from June 1st thru November 30th.  However, the time for property owners to worry about hurricane preparedness and safety isn't in the hours before the storm - it is right now.  Taking preventive measures now will help minimize damage to your property and valuable possessions and keep you and your family safe.  


For Your Business


Hurricane and Storm Preparedness for your Business

Take the following steps prior to a storm and be sure to review your current insurance program with your HUB broker to prepare for potential claims.