Workers Compensation Insurance that Works for your Business

Helping you control workers’ compensation premiums is a core service of HUB International. Workers’ compensation insurance is often one of the largest expenses incurred by an organization. As independent brokers with deep expertise in workers’ compensation, we recommend insurers who specialize in your industry and we offer programs that are designed specifically to reduce the risks associated with your type of business.

We offer a comprehensive array of insurance options including:

  • Guaranteed cost – premium is paid at policy inception and is fixed for the duration of the policy period, based on payroll and employee classification
  • Loss sensitive – premium is adjusted using actual claims experience
  • Self-insured – employer pays claims based on actual cost incurred

The following services are available to help manage your costs and reduce injuries:

  • Periodic reviews of your risk and safety programs
  • Fraud investigation
  • Open claims and experience calculations
  • Return-to-work programs

HUB International offers workers’ compensation solutions that not only protect employees but also help manage your cash flow. Through one of our key insurance carrier relationships, we offer a “pay-as-you-go” premium payment option that eliminates the need for you to make large down payments. Your premium payment is based on your actual payroll. It’s simple, accurate and affordable.

Key benefits:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Elimination of large down payment
  • Elimination of finance and billing fees
  • Potential to minimize audit adjustments

If you have a Web-based payroll application, you may qualify for this option.

Our goal is to identify coverage options that reduce the risks to your business, lower your costs, and protect the health of your employees.

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