Business Travel Insurance

HUB's business travel risk management program helps companies establish guidelines and policies for personnel and dependents in order to avoid, minimize or react to travel threats, security and medical issues abroad, including travel risk assessments, travel tracking, journey management and emergency preparedness.

Knowing your organization's risk will dictate the optimal travel insurance policies for each business. Here are a few common products and what they cover.

  • Business travel accident insurance covers an accident, security or medical event and the employee's journey back to a safe location or country of origin, depending on the situation and location. 
  • Foreign voluntary workers' compensation will cover an accident overseas that results in long-term disability-related issues. An example might be contracting malaria, which wouldn't necessarily be covered under an organization's general workers' compensation insurance. 
  • Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion coverage  will cover kidnappings and ransom threats against an individual or company if an employee has been detained illegally or kidnapped and there's a need to work toward getting that person back as quickly as possible. 

Fast Fact

The General Duty clause under OSHA deems organizations responsible for employees 24/7 during the travel period, which includes informing them of potential risks and what to do in the case of an emergency abroad.

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