Insuring Your Business

Owning a business involves significant risks that require expert, innovative and proactive solutions. Make the most of your investment with HUB experts to develop key solutions that address your complex and changing needs.

HUB experts partner with you to protect your: employees, business liability, management team, property, and intellectual property.


Every business faces its own unique set of risks and requires its own innovative and proactive solutions. That's why HUB offers a comprehensive range of business insurance solutions that address your specific needs.

When it comes to business insurance, HUB International helps you make the most of your investment. With our professional team, HUB creates customized solutions to protect your property -- both physical and intellectual -- your employees, your management team and your data. HUB also offers a full range of liability options. 

HUB International's experts work with you to develop the right coverage for your needs, with a focus on responsive, competitive programs that protect your business against risks such as cyber liability, directors' and officers' liability, workers' compensation, commercial auto, environmental liability, and equipment, building or inventory damage, as well as general, professional and employment practices liability. HUB also provides surety bonds, trade credit insurance, and contest and prize coverage. 

As a business owner, you have complex and changing needs. HUB's tailored coverage helps your business run smoothly, protecting your assets and your employees while mitigating the risks associated with running a business. 

To learn more, contact a HUB International specialist today.